Donor's Profile ( Akas Seikh )

Name Akas Seikh
Blood Group AB positive(+)
Member Status
Member Rating
Smoker? Occasional Smoker
Drug Accidted? Non-addicted
Last Donation Date 29/04/2018 [dd/mm/yyyy] (before 995 days)
Gender Male
Contact No +8801736313838
Weight 55 kgs
Date of Birth 09/05/1997 [dd/mm/yyyy]
Living District Gazipur
Home District Pirojpur
Home Country Bangladesh
Home Page থ্যালাসেমিয়া রোগীদের রক্ত দিবোনা।এছাড়া যে কেউ যোগাযোগ করতে পারেন।কেউ টাক
Present Address N/A
Short Profile

আমি  মরতে চাইনা।

আমার রক্তে,আমার অংগে যেনো হাজার কোটি প্রাণ জন্ম দেয়।


Donation Date Donated To Address
2018-04-29 Direct to Patient Chatarsis Medical centre. Tongi,Gazipur.
2017-11-09 Direct to Patient Mukti Blood Bank Green Road +8801711461838

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Donor is interested to donate blood right now
Donor is not interested to donate blood right now for some reasons
Donor is ready to donate blood because:
a) He/She didn't donate blood yet or
b) He/She has donated blood before 4 months (120 days) ago
Donor is not ready to donate blood right now because:
He/She has donated blood within last 4 months (120 days)