Donor's Profile ( Arman Mohd )

Name Arman Mohd
Blood Group AB negative(-)
Member Status
Member Rating
Smoker? Nonsmoker
Drug Accidted? Non-addicted
Last Donation Date 29/12/2014 [dd/mm/yyyy] (before 2218 days)
Gender Undefined
Contact No 01839109445
Weight 72 kgs
Date of Birth 17/03/1993 [dd/mm/yyyy]
Living District Chittagong
Home District N/A
Home Country N/A
Home Page N/A
Present Address N/A
Short Profile N/A

Donation Date Donated To Address
2014-12-29 Direct to Patient CMC

Symbol Meaning
Donor is interested to donate blood right now
Donor is not interested to donate blood right now for some reasons
Donor is ready to donate blood because:
a) He/She didn't donate blood yet or
b) He/She has donated blood before 4 months (120 days) ago
Donor is not ready to donate blood right now because:
He/She has donated blood within last 4 months (120 days)