Eligibility to Donate Blood

Basic Requirements

  • Be at least 17 years old in most states
  • Weight: At least 45 kg (100 Ibs) for both males and females
  • Well Being: Feeling well that day. Not having colds, coughs or flu in the last one week. No fever (Temperature >37.5°C) in the last 3 weeks.

Major Illness/Surgery

Persons with the following conditions are not eligible for blood donation:

  • Diseases of the heart or lungs (Donors who are asthmatic and without symptoms of asthma is eligible)
  • High blood pressure on medication
  • Diabetes on medication
  • Major surgery (can donate after 12 months)
  • AIDS or symptoms of AIDS, such as unexplained fevers, severe night sweats, unexpected weight loss, swollen glands, chronic diarrhoea or rare cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Hepatitis B or C
  • Syphilis

Some Common Reasons For Temporary Deferral

  • Cold, flu or sore throat, please wait one week after recovery or treatment
  • Tooth extraction or dental work, please wait 3 days after treatment
  • Skin infections (minor), wait 1 week after complete healing
  • Normal pregnancy, please wait 6 weeks after delivery and when you are not breast-feeding.
  • Travelled to a malaria endemic area such as rural areas in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, etc, please wait 6 weeks to 3 years and ask the attending doctor/nurse whether you are eligible for donation
  • Close contact with Hepatitis B, wait 12 months and after full course of hepatitis B vaccination (and shown a satisfactory antibody response)
  • Infectious Diseases e.g. Chickenpox, Measles, Dengue, wait 6 months after recovery


People who are taking drugs for cancer treatment, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes or current infections will not be accepted as blood donors.

For those taking:

Traditional Medication Please wait 3 days
Antibiotics Please wait 1 week
Anti-malaria Medication Please wait 4 weeks


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